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Did you know ?
Thoiry's animals welcome you  every day of the year !!
        - The African Reserve (to be visited in your automobile), the Maze and the Historical, Botanical and Zoological Gardens   are open everyday from 10 a.m. to 5-6p.m. p.m. following the day and the season
        - At the entrance to the gardens, Thoiry's "Jardin d'Hiver" self-service restaurant offers a choice for all budgets.   .
Venez en famille faire le plein de Nature et d'émotions !!!
The Wildlife Reserve 
An 8km drive through view of the animals from your automobile.
The exotic animals of the Reserve welcome you along the roadside.  From your own automobile or coach, you see numbrous herds roaming in semi-liberty on a vast 240 acre territory. No need to hurry, take your time and discover the richness of wildlife.
Visit the charming family Chateau of the Counts of La Panouse with its magnificent furniture collections, family portraits and splendid tapestries. 
  Château de Thoiry
Thoiry  Chateau is a rare and unique exemple of esoteric architecture of the Renaissance, created to be a transparent bridge of light, which, with its parterres form a solar calendar on landscape .  The Château is still the family home of the Counts of La Panouse.  Every year, the Viscountess continues on ongoing program of embellishment of the drawing rooms open to thepublic.
        - Costumed guides welcome you in the Chateau's beautiful drawing rooms and apartments for a fascinationg and amusing visit, spiced by many family anecdotes and stories of the "behind the scenes" of  History.
 (2p.m.-5/6 p.m. opening  from February 1st to November 13th following the day and the season)
Chateau tours with a costumed guide
Historical, Botanical and Zoological Gardens
The Zoological Garden is an authentic discovery of fauna in a natural setting.  Education games and information alternate to introduce all ages to the concepts and importance of the protection of animal species.
An unforgettable face to face with thelions !!!
This agreable walk around the Zoological Gardens's to see hundreds of fascinating animals offers many other charming and beautiful detours through Thoiry's other gardens.  A gigantic maze, Rose Garden, Perfume Garden, Automn Garden, Bluebell Wood with centuries old trees and rhododendrons, thousands of other rare trees and flowering shrubs, Hydrangea Walk and a Long Border of perennials will enchant you with their colors and fragrances.  . 
The Labyrinth de Polyphilus
Challenge the Thoiry maze !!!
The world's first and only interactive maze, a landscape scale computer game…
Thoiry's self-service restaurant "Le Jardin d'Hiver", awaits you just next to the garden entrance.  
                   Come to Thoiry for an exciting nature filled family outing !!!

        Between the  tall hedges of an incredible dedale of over 2300 meters of meanders and detours, in this secret garden, a 4 dimensional computer quest on landscape scale. Will you be able to pierce its mysteries ?

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